Transferring out of an art school

Hi everyone, I’m a student at Parsons, and after a year at the school and I just don’t feel like it is the right place for me.

I’m planning on transferring to a “normal university” (NYU, CMU, UCLA, etc.) but still study art. My grades are fine (3.9) but I’m worried that they may reject me because the core education at an art school is different than that of a conventional university. What should I do to prepare for transfer?

I have a friend at UMich who is also studying art. She wants to transfer to UCLA. As a non-art school student, will she have better chances of getting in than me?

Thanks very much.

Read the websites of each of those universities and find out what the requirements are.

For the UC’s, you transfer in after sophomore year with 60 semester units of coursework. Priority transfer admission, for the UC’s, goes to instate residents from California Community colleges, then California publics, then privates, then other non California schools.

The schools you have listed are extremely difficult to gain admittance, with transfers being even harder. You may want to explore schools with larger acceptance rates.

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