Transferring out of Marymount Manhattan College?

I just finished my first semester at Marymount Manhattan College with a 3.6 GPA as a first semester freshmen (psych major). I like the academics, the professors I had I liked for the most part, and the staff members have been helpful. I like the clubs and topic discussion meetups offered throughout the week. The school is upkeep and facilities are nice. Before I even committed to Marymount I read a lot of negative reviews online mainly from students that said they were not performing arts majors. I don’t agree with those who said the academics is too easy, but maybe I’m not qualified enough to speak on that because I’ve only attended for one semester and managed to have good professors. I do agree with those who say the tuition/housing is absurd, lack of scholarships, expensive winter/summer courses, cliquey atmosphere, lack of racial diversity, no sports teams, and there being more a focus on the performing arts majors. Socially, the college has been underwhelming for me. I live in NYC so not living on campus saved my mother a ton of money, but that also cut me off from having more of a traditional college experience and being around other students looking for friends. My mom is basically making me transfer out because of the tuition being so high and not wanting to be in debt from the loans once I graduate. She wants wants me to transfer to Lehman college which I could attend almost for free with the aid package I received to attend Marymount. Financially, attending Lehman (or any CUNY) would be a smart way to go. On the other hand, there are good things about Marymount I’ve liked/appreciated in my one semester attending. I don’t know if there is another school that would give me the benefits that Marymount gives me with cheap tuition, the affordable option to dorm, diversity, and more of a social scene. I could try asking Marymount for a scholarship due to my GPA standing, but I’m not sure whether or not they would actually provide me with aid.

If you are currently attending Marymount and looking to transfer, why? If you’ve already attended Marymount and transferred, why? Where did you transfer to and was it better?

I know this thread runs very slow (for some reason). There was another person who posed this same question 5 years ago, but only one person who attended Marymount and transferred out gave a detailed response. Help me out please.