Transferring Out of NUin

Im trying to decide how to set myself up best for next year trying to transfer to Georgetown or USC. I’ve been waitlisted at Georgetwon, but the odds for admission arent great, so I’m planning for next year.

I’ve been accepted to Northeastern (NUin program), American, and GW and am planning on attending Northeastern. However, I am worried it may be hard to transfer right after NUin. The benefit is, Northeastern is a fantastic school and as I am a child of faculty, it would be almost free.

If anyone has any insight on this, id love to hear it.

My recommendation is to avoid the mindset of transferring out before you even get there. It just isn’t the way to go. It prevents you from getting settled in and making connections because you already have one foot out the door. If you deposit, and get off the waitlist, you can give up the spot at NU. If you don’t get off the waitlist, enroll at NU, start getting excited and making that connection.


Go to school expecting to stay and love.

Going in with one foot out the door is a poor way to start school.

Go to NEU and love it. Don’t assume a transfer. Then you won’t give your all this year and you’d start later behind the curve vs everyone else socially etc


I agree with the others that you shouldn’t start college with the intent to transfer.

With that said, to address your question and the mechanics of things…which program are you doing? I would check to make sure that Gtown and USC (and any other schools on your list) will accept transfer credit from that institution. The credits will not be coming from NEU, they will be coming from the N.U.In partner school (which is how NEU treats them too).

Were you also waitlisted at USC?


“Northeastern” and “almost free” are a relatively rare and outstanding combination. For us NEU was essentially tied (with BU) for the most expensive university that either daughter got accepted to. While it was beyond our budget, Northeastern is a very good university.

My daughters both had multiple “major related” part time or coop jobs when they were in university, and this has helped both of them a LOT in terms of finding good jobs after graduation, and in one case helping with graduate school admissions. The Northeastern coop program is excellent and famous.

What is your reason to want to transfer?

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I attended Northeastern and my first semester was through NUin during the pandemic (all my classes were online). I then went on to attend NU for one semester after that. I ultimately decided to take a gap year after those two semesters and to transfer out of Northeastern.

I decided to leave Northeastern for a lot of reasons but the main ones being location and overall vibe. I want to attend school in NYC and be surrounded by more international students. From my experience at NU, I mainly interacted with people from NY, NJ and MA; very few international students. I also didn’t feel like I fit in at NU. For the price I was paying, Northeastern wasn’t worth it to me.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to message me! Best of luck!!

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Why not attend Northeastern through graduation? What about Georgetown or USC do you see as being significantly better (and worth any extra cost over “almost free”)?

Agree generally. The main exception would be those starting at a community college, but that does not apply in this situation where the OP is starting at an apparently suitable and inexpensive four year school.

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The OP would have made a decision by now and hasn’t posted since April.