Transferring out of RPI

<p>RPI is a great school, without a doubt. The only things I really hate about it is the housing issue for upperclassmen and the city. My family feels I should transfer out after freshman year. Did anyone on this forum do that? If so, can you share your experience? Like, did you regret doing it?</p>

<p>Would you really want to live on campus anyway?</p>

<p>Considering that the area doesn't have a good reputation, yes.</p>

<p>You're older than 18 dude... real life has to hit you sometime</p>

<p>If you have not yet been to RPI, best to give it some time before jumping to conclusions about needs to transfer. And the housing situation improves each year, not that I think it was that bad to begin with.</p>

<p>I lived off campus 4 years and lived to tell about it. Also had 2 coop assignments in Manhattan, and lived through that as well. It was all part of a great experience.</p>

<p>If you transfer out, it should be for academic or career planning reasons, and to someplace "better" for you.</p>