Transferring out of UC bad gpa help please

<p>I transferred into ucsd winter and did really bad. Now my gpa is below a 2.0 cause I got 2 Ds even though I tried. I really want to go to a csu now but will I count as a transfer from UC or community college if I attend community college again in the fall? I would plan to transfer for spring 2011..I have been accepted to csu before. What are the chances of getting accepted to csu? My cc gpa is 3.0(2 years) but uc gpa is under 2.0(2 quarters)...Please, I need help.</p>

<p>My personal reccommendation is to try to retake those two Ds, get your grades up, keep going and don't give up, but that's just me.. others might be able to help you more.</p>