Transferring out

Champlain has an unusual curriculum. How easy is it for students to transfer to another school?

Could you please clarify why you or your kid would want to transfer - are you or your kid a student at Champlain, or are you or your kid thinking of applying, and want to know whether, if you or your kid does not like the curriculum, will you or they be able to transfer?

Whatever the reason, it is never a problem to transfer out of a college. The problem is to transfer to a college. For that, you would have to check each and every college, and see what their admissions policies for transfers happens to be. It differs between colleges, and even within the colleges between programs.

A word of caution, though. If you need financial aid, in many colleges, the financial aid that is available for transfers tends to be far less than what is available for students who apply as first years.

Yes. I understand how transferring works. I just was hoping to hear from parents/students who had transferred from Champlain to a different college. The unique curriculum seems like it might make it harder. I understand that it depends on the school being transferred into but most colleges have gen Ed requirements that aren’t offered at Champlain and which are generally transferable.

Thank you for the clarification. Hopefully somebody with that particular experience will respond.

However, if you have any particular colleges in mind to which to transfer, you may also ask for advice on transferring to that particular college without having taken the gen ed requirements that Champlain lacks.