Transferring Question (pls help)

<p>I'm interested in transferring out of a top 50 liberal arts school into another good liberal arts school. My ideal spot would be Richmond but I feel it would be a bit of a reach.</p>

<p>I'm a current sophomore and would like to leave at the end of the year at the latest.</p>

<p>I attained a 3.2 in HS (3.6 sr year) with an 1800 sat but my freshman year in college I did poorly. I can pay full tuition and have great extra curricular's/work experience.</p>

<p>Question: How much will a poor freshman year hurt me if I pull off a good gpa this semester (3.5+)? edit: and also, how highly do colleges weigh the lack of needing financial aid?</p>

<p>If you could get an associate degree wtith GPA 3.2 or above, then you're good at most schools.</p>

<p>^It sounds like the OP is at a 4 yr LAC, not a CC, so they will not be going for an AA degree.</p>