Transferring Schools Suggestions (Computer Engineering)

Hey everyone,

I’m currently a sophomore in college right now, and I plan to transfer to a different university for Computer Engineering as an incoming junior.

College Stats:
School: Top 75 University (ABET-accredited program)
Major: Computer Engineering

GPA: 3.88 (My university does not offer a +/- system)

  • Courses completed: General Chemistry I, Calculus 1-3, Intro CS course, English Composition, Intro ECE course, Macroeconomics, and another Gen. Ed (ALL A’s), and Physics I (Mechanics) (B)
  • Courses IP (14 CR): Differential Equations (expected A), ECE course (expected A), Physics 2 (E&M) (expected B), GenEd (expected A)

Credits: 51 graded credit hours (by the end of fall)

Lifeguarding (1 year), Math Tutor/Learning Assistant (started in the fall), Internship (Summer 2020), IEEE member (1 semester), and a couple other E.Cs that I don’t think are worth mentioning


  • 1 letter from my ECE professor that I know well (9/10)
  • 1 letter from Calc professor, but haven’t spoken to for a semester (7/10)

High School Stats:
GPA: 3.78
ACT: 26 (really low, but can’t retake due to COVID)
HS does not have class rank.

Race: Asian Male

I’m pretty open to suggestions. I just prefer a T-30 engineering school due to the opportunities that it provides upon graduation. I picked mostly reach schools since there wouldn’t be much of a difference if a transfer to a school of similar rankings.

College List so far (all of which are pretty much a reach for me):
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (in-state)
Northwestern University
Georgia Institute of Technology
John Hopkins University
University of Washington - Seattle

Any suggestions on schools that I should apply to? How is my list so far? Should I add/remove any schools to my list?


Is your goal specifically to move up if it is possible to move up, or is it that you’d be happy to move laterally because you don’t like the place where you are now?

If you are reasonably happy where you are except for the not-a-T-30 issue, then it is perfectly OK to only apply to the T-30 institutions that appeal to you. If you don’t get admitted anywhere, you can just stay where you are.

If you are unhappy where you are and truly want Out! Out! Out! then you need to strengthen your list of not-T-30s so you have some safer admissions options.

Ditto what happymomof1 said.

I guess the goal isn’t to move out, but I’m just curious if I have a chance at these schools and if I should add more schools to my list. @happymomof1 @tgl2023

If you would like to reach for some of the country’s top computer engineering programs, then you created a nice list. For a potential addition, look into RPI’s ECSE major.