transferring summer class credits

i know that AU allows students to take and transfer up to 6 credits off campus from another university </p>

<p>my question is does the grade one earns in that class also transfer over and shows up on the transcript and calculated into the GPA?</p>

<p>On the form it says that the grade doesn't transfer over or affect the GPA but when i asked my advisor about it she assured me that it does...</p>

<p>technically the grade doesn't transfer but the credits do. I'm in the same situation, as i am an AU student taking classes at another college for the summer.</p>

<p>Did you get pre-approval for the course? My son got told by a Kogod advisor that no courses from outside AU are accepted by the Business school</p>

<p>hmm... I am an incoming transfer, and I got my decision whilst in summer school. It depends on how they evaluate it. I'm in Kogod too.</p>