Transferring this spring semester yay!

<p>I hate the school I am at. I am transferring to Geneseo in the Spring. Everything is in the bag and ready to go. I can' t wait!</p>

<p>Lucky, I applied to transfer this spring too but im just so worried that i wont get accepted. I cant stand to spend another semester at this school. By the way what school are you at now?</p>

<p>st johns univeristy</p>

<p>When did you send your app that you got a decision back already? I send most of my apps in early ocotber and they told me i would get a decision around late november or early december.</p>

<p>Did you apply to U.Va. arts and Sciences for the spring term? I applied there ... glad it won't take too long to find out the decision. What are your stats? What did you write about for the last essay (#8)?</p>

<p>virginia areyou talking about geneseo in general? Because I applied last year as a high school sr and got in, so I pretty much figured I would get in again. They just told me to write a letter to the head of admissions asking her to reactiveate my application from last year. They were extremely nice and friendly about it. From what I understand they were accepting apps until october 15th ish. So decisions should start coming out anytime now</p>