Transferring to a SUNY

I currently go to NYIT and I don’t dorm and tuition is already pretty expensive I’m really not enjoying it here especially since I don’t dorm, and I don’t plan on spending an arm and leg to go here either way. So my best bet is to go to a SUNY, and apply for the excelsior scholarship.

I’m currently studying Computer Science and I plan on transferring to SBU in the future. But I never applied since I didn’t have the best grades back in high school which was around a 3.3 GPA and a 1120 SAT. Currently I’m taking 15 credits for the fall term and by the end of the spring term I would hopefully have completed 31 credits. I see SBU requires transfer students to have 24+ credits however the deadline for Fall 2019 is March 1st and I won’t have all my credits completed in time for that deadline. So I’m not sure what I should do in this situation, as of right now I’m doing my best to keep all my grades up.

If you are looking to apply at the end of your first semester, and have under 24 credits, most of the weight for admissions purposes will be on your high school record. Based on what you have posted SBU will be a reach

Why don’t you consider transferring to NCC for the spring? There you can do gen eds and take advantage of a department with advisors whose job it is to help people transfer to other SUNY’s. You can also save money that way. I assume that if you live close enough to NYIT to commute, then you can commute to NCC as well.

I go to NYIT Manhattan, I will complete 31 credits in my first academic year, and the deadline for SUNY is March 1st which is before the time I will complete those credits. I hope that is a bit more clearer. I’m apply for next year Fall 2019, not Spring.

@alexc12328, visit the SUNY Information Center on 42nd St. across from Bryant Park, in the College of Optometry building:

They will give you good advice.

What will happen at the time you submit your application, because you will not have 24 credits, your high school record will still carry more weight. @techmom99 does make a good point: you would be better served transferring to community college (CUNY) dive you are in city and take advantage of the articulation agreements. In addition, you probably could attend CUNY for free tuition if yu meet the requirements for Excelsior, ASAP or if you are getting TAP/Pell

SUNY Stony Brook states that they’ll look at your high school record if you haven’t completed 24 college credits as of the date when you apply.

The SUNY SB priority transfer admissions deadline is 3/1. You could contact admissions and ask them if they normally tend to have spaces still available for transfer applicants to the CS major after 6/1. If they normally do, then one option is to wait and apply to SB as of 6/1 - as you’ll then have your grades in for two semesters at NYIT. If you do this, and you don’t want to stay at NYIT any longer, also apply to some other SUNYs that you like, including at least one community college, so you have some backups.

If they don’t normally have spots in CS after 6/1, then your best option is to apply to SB by the 3/1 deadline. Knowing you may not get in - since they’ll also be looking at your HS records in this case - also apply to some other SUNYs you like and also to a community college.

I only suggest that you apply to other SUNYs you like if you really do like some of them. If SB is your real goal, it’s be smarter to apply to SB and to the community college, and skip the other SUNYs. You don’t want to go from NYIT to another four year SUNY and then try for SB from there - that won’t look good. It’d look better to go from NYIT to a cc, then to SB.

@oldmom4896’s suggestion of the SUNY Center in Manhattan is excellent. I took two of my children for such appointments. For HS students, they ask for a copy of your transcript and your test scores. Speak to them and find out what they will need for a transfer. They were very helpful and both of my kids wound up attending the SUNY school that was recommended as the first choice. However, if you are in the city and thinking of transferring to a CUNY school, I am not sure that the SUNY center could help you until you actually thinking about going to a SUNY.

I like the suggestion of checking with SBU about the possibility of transferring after 6/1. My H started at York College back in the day. His stats were a little low for SBU so, one day, he took a ride out there and met with admissions in person. He was given admission for the upcoming semester on the spot. I don’t know if that strategy would still work 40 years later but if you think you present well, perhaps going out to talk to them in person might help.

I assumed you lived on LI when I suggested NCC, which is a SUNY school so the articulation agreements and Pathway to SUNY would help. If you plan to switch to a CUNY school, consider CCNY, which is excellent for computers. You should talk to the CUNY transfer admissions people about any articulation agreements with SUNY schools.

Good luck.

CUNY also has an information center, on East 42 St.

Since the SUNY Center is on West 42nd, you could do both in the same day and fully explore your options.

From my experience with SUNY schools and transferring, they really do prefer people who have upwards of 50+ credits by the time they are applying for admission. I applied to SUNY ESF and was deferred and told to go to a community college SUNY for a semester and reapply the following semester. This was solely because I didn’t have enough credits for my intended major. I only had about 35 and now with a year of CC I will have 52 by the end of the semester, which will increase my chances of getting in. I know it sucks, believe me, but the community college route will probably be your best option into a SUNY school like Stony Brook