Transferring to a suny

Ok so i flunked out of hunter college in 2018 due to depression(1.3gpa). I then went to kingborough where i excelled at and currently have a 3.9 gpa and took 55 credits enroute to my A.S in computer science . I want to transfer to stony brook after this semester but i dont know if theyll ask for my hunter transcript. Do i have a shot?

They will ask for your transcript. Have you talked to the transfer advisor at your current school? They should have some idea about the transfer rate to Stony Brook.

Congrats on your excellent record at Kingborough. Do you have documentation for your depression? Maybe your counselor could include a note with your transcript.

Yea the rate of acceptance for stony is 43%. My kingsborough gpa is perfect plus i switched my majors when i switched schools. 4.0 gpa in all cs courses but at hunter i was taking chemistry