Transferring to a UC

<p>I am a bio major transferring next year from a JC to, hopefully, a UC. The problem is I'm not sure if I'll be accepted. I have a cumilative gpa of 2.86. My transfer GPA is 3.05. I have a 3.0 on all of my core/major(bio and chem) classes. However, I have 4 "Ws" not pertaining to any of my major classes on my transcript. Does anybody know if they take into account overall GPA, or is just transferrable GPA? What impact do the Ws have? Good enough for UCI?? Thanks in advance for any feedback.</p>

<p>UCs take whatever GPA you have at your CCC.</p>

<p>W's don't count towards your GPA, but I do think that it reflects poorly to the people reviewing your app. However, my counselor told me that W's should not affect you.</p>

<p>I think UCI might be a high reach for you, esp. with that major. You should probablly look into other UCs.</p>

<p>Anyway, what happened to your GPA? If you have a reasonable excuse for why your GPA is relatively low, you can probablly write an excellent essay about it and get in. If not, do as much as you can to raise your GPA. If you don't get in Fall 07', theres always the year after that. GL.</p>

<p>Definitely, I know I could be doing way better had it not been for having to work nearly full-time, as well as going to school full-time. I will be getting (monetary) support from my family for the entirety of this upcoming school year, so my gpa should definitely go up. What other UCs do you think I should look into, if any?</p>

<p>Santa Barbara.</p>

<p>My friend got into santa barbara and ucr with a gpa similar to yours as a biochem major. Santa barbara isn't that bad either. I heard their bio program is pretty decent. So you still have hope. Good luck.</p>

<p>don't go to UCR.
I'm ok with all the UCs EXCEPT UCR.
It's bad for your health ;)</p>

<p>Thanks for the quick replies. Hahaha yeah. People always used to tell me how much UCR sucked until I finally visited the campus a few months ago. The campus is nice and everything, but the city is pretty ugly. It's out in the middle of "nowhere." I've heard from a few friends that go there that many students are "immature" as well. So I am kind of trying to avoid UCR, and I know..."beggers can't be choosers." Hopefully UCSB, then, I guess. I really like UCI,though. Ughh!</p>

<p>listen, bro, i want you to check into your college to see if any UCI reps are coming in the fall. they have this program called PAIF, which is automatic admission into UCI if you have a GPA above 3.0. you sign a contract with a university representative and then you apply. you are GUARANTEED admission-there are no strings attached. no contracts, nothing. that's how i got in this year-and i havent even APPLIED yet. dont you love me? yes you do.</p>

<p>Oh man, that's awesome news. Thanks for that zemookmook. So, all I need is a 3.0 and course requirements and I'm in? That's the best news I could have heard. I have tons of (hetero) love for you. I'm going to check to see if any reps are coming.</p>

<p>bioguy, which cc do you go to?</p>

<p>It's a shame UCLA doesnt have any program like that...</p>

<p>I go to Mt. San Antonio College.</p>

<p>Your cc offers this program. Here is the link to the PAIF.
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<p>Thanks Sakura!</p>

<p>woot go mounties haha</p>

<p>3.05 is good enough for UCI...but sign the PAIF jus in case</p>

<p>UC Admissions don't even see non-transferrable classes, such as a W. They can't take it into is blocked out.</p>

<p>If PAIF is like UCSD, it may guarantee admssion, but does not guarantee admission into your major.</p>

<p>So, Mike, will they still use my overall GPA or just transferable GPA? Also, since so many people seem to be replying, what schools might be a reach, supposing I raise my GPA to, lets say, be in the 3.2-3.5 range, if any?</p>

<p>They will only look at your transferable gpa. UC-wise, if you're looking for a reach school, you can try ucsd and ucla. I think someone on this forum got into ucla with a 3.3 as a biochem major. She finished all of her major prereq classes. It never hurts to try. (Although you'll be spending another 60 dollars :) )Good luck.</p>