Transferring to another nursing school as a junior nursing student

I am currently in nursing as a junior. I am miserable and very depressed at my school. I have been this way since January. I considered transferring last fall semester but I was talked out of it by my parents. I have realized that I cannot stand two more years at this school being depressed, homesick, and with no friends. I want to transfer to another nursing school but I do not know whether another nursing school would take me as a junior or accept my nursing school credits. Is it possible for me to transfer to another nursing school closer to home without having to add on more than a year of extra schooling?

Wherever you go, there you are.

Have you taken steps to deal with your depression? Do you see a counselor or therapist?

Sometimes transferring does the trick. Sometimes it just means you’ve taken your depression and loneliness and moved them with you.

Something to consider…


No, its not possible to switch without adding years on.

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