Transferring to Butler

I am currently a Freshman at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and I am considering transferring schools upon wanting to change my major. Being that I have only been at the College for a single semester, I have not gotten involved in any clubs, but the University said that they will review a resume of my past high school achievements. However, I have about a “B-” for my first semester at HC.

In high school, I had a 4.0 GPA and finished in the top 15% of my graduating class, in addition I also had three honor societies to my credit (Math, Italian, and NHS). On top of that I received 9 other school wide notifications of honor, including finishing as the top Italian Language student. I was the president of a club at my high school, and even became the founder and president of an Italian Language club. On top of that I was involved in my school’s prestige leadership club that I had to be accepted into. I also played varsity golf for three years as well.

I was involved in many more activities throughout high school, such as having 90+ community service hours, but the information provided is the most important. What are my chances of being accepted as a transfer student?

Are you able to e full pay or do you need financial aid? Transfers get lousy aid but if your family 's full pay it’ll help you.
The reason why you want to transfer has robbed solid, too.