Transferring to Cal as ChE

<p>Even though ChE is offered by the college of chemistry, is it just as good as the other engineering majors offered by the college of engineering?
im a transferring student. what got me into this thought is the extremely high transfer admission rate to ChE (50%) compared to 20% for all other engineering majors. </p>

<p>In addition, please evaluate my chances of transferring to cal as ChE</p>

<p>I came to the US almost three years ago, attended HS for a year and half. currently attending a cc
AP test scores from HS
Physisc B/Chem/Calc AB 5
college gpa 4.0 (1 B in a non-transferrable english course 1W this semester)
required courses completed
Not many ECs
Volunteer at California science center
tutor and study group leader at school
work experiences (not engineering related)
PTK club </p>

<p>Thanks very much for all your help.</p>

<p>bump for myself...
plz help</p>