Transferring to Cal

<p>It's unfortunate with the board change that it's difficult to refer to the threads on the other board I wanted to respond to. I'll just make some comments and hope the original posters see it on the new board.</p>

<li><p>To the poster trying to get into L&S CS: Your mediocre grades in calculus and chemistry is an ominous sign that you will struggle just to get a "C" in your two years at upper division CS, should you get admitted to CS. First year math is easy (especially at a CC) compared to everything else in the major. You should've tried even harder to get an "A" but what's done is done. Perhaps cut back on the volunteering or job if you are in danger of getting another B in math/CS/science/EE. When you take linear algebra and differential equations, you really, really need to score an "A" and accept nothing less. Come to Cal with a backup major in something else at Cal, because I think you're strong enough to get into L&S (if every other grade was an "A") but I think your chances of getting into CS aren't good if your science/math grades don't improve. And why four "W" grades with those late drops? That's going to count against you in CS.... hopefully they are not in CS/Math/EE/Science. Don't sweat a B in IGETC courses but get straight As in science, CS, EE, and math from now on.</p></li>
<li><p>To the UCLA bruin who wished to transfer to Cal: I came from UCLA and transferred into Cal for similar reasons. I felt the same way at the time but looking back at my experience 10 years ago, I think the people you meet, hang out and live with to have a lot more to do with your college experience than the academics or the city or the smog or whatever. I was an L&S transfer so I can't really answer the technical aspects of transferring into BioE.</p></li>

<p>Thank you for your advise,BouncingBoy.
i am the person who consider to transfer to L&S CS.</p>

<p>but i am going to take differential equation in the spring term, in which they don't consider the letter grade, will it be fine?</p>

<p>i have one more question, when i complete all the major courses(chemistry,and physics are not my major courses), the total unit is about 53, if they take those chemistry(2 B's) and physics class into account, the total units will be more than 70, so do you think they will just take ONE chemistry and one physics course instead of TWO chemistry(2 B's) and physics course?</p>

<p>and again,thanks for ur advise</p>

<p>You absolutely cannot slack off in spring because getting admitted to L&S does not mean you are admitted to CS. It is not unusual to get admitted to L&S but get rejected to CS after you arrive at Cal. You will apply to the major late summer/early fall and they will definitely see your grade in differential equations that you got in spring 2005. If you get a bad grade in math, EE, or CS (e.g. B or below), you should be prepared to declare a major other than CS at Cal or do CS somewhere else. </p>

<p>You won't get unit credit beyond 70 but those uncounted units will still satisfy requirements like GE or major. For example, if some other UC school requires two chem classes, you will get credit for competing the two chem classes even if one of them results in zero units because you are over 70.</p>

<p>I see...
so i still have to keep up all A's for the major courses in the spring term.
do you know the chance for getting in CS major after admitted to Cal?50%?
i only apply 2 schools, ucb and ucd, so if it's that difficult to get in CS, i might just go to ucd.
Thank you</p>

<p>here are the stats:
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<p>it seems that it's competitive
thanks for the information.</p>

<p>As far as your chances, the CS dept knows CC is easy and will decide your fate on the grades of the prerequisite courses you complete in summer/Fall 05 at Cal. They can do this because CC don't have articluated courses for all of the prerequisites, especially CS61A/C. If you get a B+ or better in your first term at Cal, you're in. If you get a B, then I'd say its a tossup depending on how many As you got in math/CS/ee at the CC. If you get a B-, I'd say less than 30%. Because of the Bs in chem and math at CC, that suggests getting a B+ or better at Cal in the prereqs will be a reach.</p>

<p>cs isnt as hard to get into as it was before, the department is letting more people in</p>

<p>thanks guys</p>