transferring to Caltech.

<p>Hi. I'm trying to transfer to Caltech.</p>

<p>During high school I was #1 in physics in my state and also ranked nationally. My math accomplishments are also quite respectable since I was the top 30 in a huge metro area (all star team) </p>

<p>My extracurriculars are great, I think. Because I also won finalist at an national invention competition sponsored by the US Patent Office. My patent is also being licensed by some companies. So pretty much I'm an entrepenuer.</p>

<p>My college GPA is 3.7 after 3 semesters.</p>

<p>Unfortunately my high school GPA is bad because I slacked off and was immature. During high school, (senior year) I did only want I had passion in (physics) and did bad in courses such as Spanish, English, and Consumer Ed, and Gym. I seldom turned in projects or homeworks for those classes. I spent virtually on my time on physics which made me #1 in State (a populus state too).</p>

<p>I regretted my action in high school and took grades more seriously in college.</p>

<p>Now I want to transfer. Can they forgive me? </p>

<p>I'm confident I can do "extremely" well on their entrance exams. (which is basically physics and math)</p>

<p>Any pointers that can help improve my chances? Thanks</p>