Transferring to Claremont Mckenna

<p>I'm currently a student at a community college -- does anyone know if that puts me out of the competition since I have not taken my SAT/ACT's? I wasn't a boyscout in highschool either, but i've made drastic changes and I think I would be able to tell a great story. My current GPA is 3.3 (low I know but i'm planning to raise it drastically this semester). The only extra-curriculuars I have are being a teacher assistant, 100 hours of community service (this year more previously but not sure if I could add that in) and I was also treasurer of the philosophy club. Can someone let me know if I have a chance and/or what their looking for? I also plan to major in international relations</p>

<p>bumping...By the way I know that the website says that they do accept community college students, but I want to know if I'd be able to compete with those students with my acadamic statistics.</p>

<p>bumping this again.. hoping to figure out if i'm wasting my time applying.</p>

<p>Perhaps take a look at parchment (dot) com? You can input all your info there and the software uses some type of regressive algorithm to determine your chances at various schools. Not always the most accurate tool, but it might help. Good luck with your applications!</p>