Transferring to CMU?

<p>i'm an international student from purdue university who wants to transfer into cmu. i have a 3.7 gpa and my major is accounting. I would like to transfer into TSB. My ec's are ok. DO i have a shot?? THanks.</p>

<p>Why? Accounting is the same everywhere. If the costs for you are the same, there may be a marginal edge at CMU,</p>

<p>well. i don't care how much is. i just want to study in a better school. please answer my question. thanks</p>

<p>You must be getting desparate. See your posts on other schools. Sorry can't help you in your inquiry. Whats wrong with Prudue?</p>

<p>hahah, thanks anyways</p>

<p>TSB doesn't accept any transfers. Few folks who start in it leave, and what few spots open up are immediately filled by internal transfers.</p>

<p>I learned this the hard way.</p>