Transferring to College of Communications/Journalism

<p>I'm currently a student at North Florida, and I was hoping to transfer to UF as an advertising major. I've been trying to look online, but I haven't really found anything to see how hard it would be to get into the College of Communications. </p>

<p>My GPA is 3.5 right now, 60 credit hours, but a bit of a black eye on my record. I failed Calc my freshman year, and thats really holding me back from getting my AA.</p>

<p>How badly does UF frown upon that type of thing? If I took that class again and made an A, it replaces my F at UNF because they have grade forgiveness. Would that transfer over to UF if I got my AA?</p>

<p>UF does not have grade forgiveness, they average your two grades in so a F and a A will average to a C at least. You should be fine hopefully. And make sure you at least meet the 67% or higher successful course completion because I believe UF considers that in their admission as well.</p>