Transferring to Columbia

<p>Hi everyone! I recently got accepted to my ED school. If I ended up maintaining a 4.0 throughout my first year of college, would I be able to transfer to Columbia and have a shot at getting accepted? Also what other credentials do colleges like Columbia use for transfer students when evaluated? Thanks!</p>

<p>You got into your early decision school..... and you hope to transfer to another one?</p>

<p>Your chances are exceptionally low. Lower than freshmen RD chances. I'd be interested to see your Why transfer essay when you applied ED to another school..... You didn't even have to spine to apply to Columbia in high school.</p>

<p>Look, I'm very happy that I got into my ED school but I'm just asking just in case there is something I don't like there after being there for a year.</p>

<p>And my scores are beyond low to get into Columbia. I was lucky I got into Boston U.</p>

<p>Unfortunately, transfer students are required to send in standardized test scores, high school transcripts and a personal essay. I would make sure that you have a minimum of 24 credits from BU and spectacular grades to make up for the bad scores. Work extremely hard and write an excellent essay and you might have a chance.</p>

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<p>Transfer app is just like College app and a few questions about why you want to transfer. Report high school GPA and SATs</p>

<p>Thank you guys</p>