Transferring to FSU Republic of Panama campus but seeking other options just in case

I have an Associate of the Arts but am living outside the US for the time being (I’m a citizen) and going back is a bit tough at the moment. FSU has a branch here in Panama where I can finish my CS degree online and after submitting my reapplication (I attended before but had an interruption) the admissions officer said I should be fine to start classes by August and if they need anything else they’ll tell me but I’m not clear if my acceptance is guaranteed or not.

I’ve heard of WGU but I think I can’t attend from outside the US. Are there any other relatively reputable schools where I can finish CS online that aren’t super expensive, other than the University of the People? I don’t want to do four years at a local school because I already have two years finished with the US system.

A fully online degree from FSU Panama branch may not be as reputable as FSU in Florida, but it’s American and non-profit (very important for academic/credential recognition).
WGU is hit-or-miss and I’d be really wary about it for CS.
Finally, I would strongly recommend, since you’re a citizen, for you to enroll at FSU or another US university where you can actually attend, meet people, form study groups, have internships, network, etc.

I think the degree they give you just says FSU but I should make sure. If anything I can transfer out after two semesters or so and the officer said I’m in ‘good standing’ so there’s no reason I wouldn’t get accepted.