transferring to Georgetown

<p>Is it hard to transfer to Georgetown MSB after 1st year of uni? What is the required gpa and etc?</p>


<p>please someone i am really interested also!</p>

<p>Could any1 answer me please? This would actually help determine what school I go to. Thanks!</p>

<p>ok, well im applying to gtown as a sophomore transfer and i dont know much but i'll try to help. anyway, the gtown website seems to indicate that you want to have a 3.7 (avg GPA of accepted transfers) to have a solid chance. I also assume that the lower the caliber of your current school, the higher your GPA has to be to have a good shot. but basically, since youre applying after only one semester of college (they make the decision based on first semester obvs), there isn't much room for error. so you pretty much want to be aiming for as close to a 4.0 as you can manage.</p>

<p>I've also heard they weigh high school grades a lot for sophomore transfers. unfortunately you can still be rejected on high school grades even if your college grades are near perfect. supposedly they weigh high school grades a little less for junior transfers.</p>

<p>gtown supposedly accepts like 23% of transfers (thats the number that sticks out in my mind...its somewhere around there) yes, its hard. impossible? nope. but far from a guarantee.</p>

<p>don't know anything specific about MSB compared to the other schools so I can't help ya there. all i know is SFS is supposed to be the hardest.</p>

<p>oh and theres a specific georgetown thread on the message board for transfer students. i'm too lazy to link it, but you'll find it if you search. it's a realllllly long thread, but you may find some helpful info if you want to read all of it.</p>

<p>thanks... so transferring to GT is definitely not easy.... that sux...</p>