Transferring to Georgia State University

I was considering transferring to GSU from my current university, Illinois State University for my junior year. I am a public relations major and I stayed in Georgia for the summer and that’s how I got interested in going to GSU. I also thought it would be good for my major, being in Atlanta and it seems like a fun, bustling city full of opportunities for internships. My current university is in a a college town in central Illinois surrounded by corn fields. I’m starting to get bored of my university and being in Illinois like I have been for my whole life. Is GSU a good university? And how is Atlanta for a young determined African American female college student? Is Atlanta as good as it seems?

I wanted to add that I’ve heard from some people that it’s a terrible university. And the reason I wasn’t focused on UGA is because I wa nervous about it’s lo minority population

GSU is great. I’m a student here. Amazing opportunities.

Hey Lisa,
I live in Miami but I am considering GSU as well and did some research. The reason people say it’s boring is because Downtown ATL is up-and-coming I believe. The city didn’t expect it to become downtown over the next years. Then the school became more boring due to commuters and the students not being engaged on-campus anymore, lack of parties, etc.

But I am visiting ATL in July so I shall see. I am not a party person and I want a new environment. ATL seems really cool to me from what I can research. They have multiple little downtown areas like Midtown. Lots of restaurants, events, activities, CHEAP LIVING