Transferring to Neeley School

<p>Right now I am a freshman biology major and I HATE it. I realized too late (after the drop date and P/NC) that my real interest is business. I originally wanted to be a bio and business major but I was told at orientation that's not possible.</p>

<p>Has anyone here successfully transferred to the pre-business program? I am kind of worried because it looks like I will be making a C in bio and I know there is a certain GPA requirement. I believe it is a 3.25.</p>

<p>I have externally transferred, I believe you are internally? I was told it was a 3.25 to stay competitive, but I'm sure it's lower for internal transfers. I had a 3.4 so I was good, but I only had 1 semester under my belt before I had to apply to Neeley, that one semester, my gpa sucked, it was a 2.9. I applied this semester and got in, so I'm sure if you have around a 3.25 you'll be good.</p>

<p>Thanks for the reply! I think I will be right at 3.1 with the C, so that's why I'm worried. I guess I'll just try my hardest in the classes and see what happens!</p>

<p>I think you're good with a 3.1, if you're super worried ask an advisor!</p>

<p>I will! So you applied with a 2.9, then re-applied another year with a 3.4?</p>

<p>Okay I worded it pretty bad, so here it goes. I applied to TCU with a 3.4 GPA from my previous college as a transfer and got in pre-business with that GPA. I applied to Neeley with a 2.9 TCU GPA, but that gpa was only from last semester, which was my first at TCU. So I got transferred into TCU pre-business with a 3.4 and got into Neeley with a 2.9 tcu gpa, hope that made sense.</p>