Transferring to NYU

<p>I'm currently a freshman at a school in Upstate NY and I'm looking to transfer to NYU for Fall 2011. My current school lacks the major I'm interested in (I'm hoping to do MCC at Steinhardt). I've also realized that I would probably be happier in an environment like NYU's. I'm a very independent person, and I hate that I have to rely on my school for things to do (there aren't even any good places to eat off campus), and even then it usually revolves around sports, which I could care less about.</p>

<p>So, I was wondering if anyone had advice for a potential transfer student... I applied to undecided NYU CAS last year and was not accepted, but now I think my chances are better because I know what I want to study and I think my college grades will be significantly better than my high school grades, which really weren't all that bad.</p>

<p>Bump please</p>

<p>It definitely will help that you now know what to study and being persistent in choosing NYU. They may look favorably on it. If you can envision yourself in that program and can demonstrate that to some extent, you’ll be fine. That’s generally the determining factor.</p>

<p>i’m in the same boat! im at UT Austin but i’m transferring hopefully for next spring to the MCC major at Steinhardt! Im a second semester transfer so I only have 18 hours now but I’m enrolled in 17 hours this semester so i’m assuming if NYU accepts me it’ll be contingent upon my getting those credit hours which isn’t of concern really. The process isn’t so hard-i applied for this fall as a freshman to stern and got rejected and so chose UT Austin and now I’m applying to steinhardt. Best of luck to you! Who knows? Maybe we’ll end up there together, in the same major!</p>