Transferring to Ole Miss

I applied a couple weeks ago to the University of Mississippi as a transfer student. I’m above all their requirements GPA and SAT. On their “my status” page it says I’ve turned in everything that is required, but at the bottom it says “Detailed information regarding your admission to The University of Mississippi will be mailed to you shortly.” I know a lot of people usually have “Congratulations for admitting to University of Mississippi”. I’m stead of what was said for me. Does this mean I got denied or am I over thinking the situation? Has anyone experienced this before and might know what it means?

Since it specified “detailed information”, this seems to be an indication that you may be lacking a particular requirement & what you need to do to satisfy that particular deficiency.

This is just my best guess.

Please let us know what happens. Good luck !

Well my community college somehow managed to send the wrong transcript off to Ole miss so I got declined. How they did that I have no clue, but they’ve already fixed the issue and sent off the right one.