transferring to Rice?

<p>Hello!! i would like to know how hard is to get transfer to there any rice transfer student here?.. i'm an international student at Purdue university. i have a 3.7 gpa in accounting. Do i have any chances to make it?. thanks a lot. My ecs are ok and recs are pretty good.</p>

<p>Us News</p>

<p>Transfer applications received for Fall 2003: 491
Transfer applicants offered admission for Fall 2003: 105
Transfer applicants enrolled for Fall 2003: 63</p>

<p>004 Admissions
Transfer students may apply for admission for the following academic terms: Fall, Spring
Do applicants need a minimum number of credits to apply? Yes, 9 semester hours</p>

<p>Application Deadline
Regular decision: March 15 (Fall), October 15 (Spring)
Admission decisions sent: June 1 (Fall), December 15 (Spring)
Deadline for accepting admissions offers: June 15 (Fall), January 2 (Spring)</p>

<p>High school transcript: Required of all
College transcript: Required of all
Essay/personal statement: Required of all
Admissions interview: Not required
Standardized test scores: Required of all
Statement of good standing from prior institutions: Required of all</p>

<p>Minimum high school GPA required: N/A
Minimum college GPA required: 3.2</p>

<p>Lowest course grade that may be transferred for credit: 2.0
Maximum number of credits/courses that may be transferred: N/A
Minimum number of credits needed to complete degree: 60 credits for a bachelor's degree</p>

<p>It is not that bad, a little more selective</p>