Transferring to RISD

Hi all,
I will be a freshman this coming fall at an art school near where I live. RISD is my dream school. However, I was unable to apply as I didn’t have a portfolio. I opted to drop art in my sophomore year to allow for room for more AP classes (which is stupid, I know, but tbf I faced a lot of academic peer pressure as my high school was/is very competitive). I was wondering if anyone has any general comments/advice on transferring to RISD. I’m looking for things I can do this year to help my chances besides working on creating a portfolio. More specifically, I would like to major in architecture, so if anyone has any specific comments on architecture for RISD, that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!!

The undergraduate architecture program is a 5-year program and starts freshman year. I suggest you call RISD and tell them what you want to do and see what they recommend.