transferring to UC with a double major?

<p>I'm sorry if this question has been asked before,but can you transfer to UC from a CCC as a double major? I am a math/applied science major.</p>

<p>You can't technically apply as a double major, but you can petition once you're there. You'll have to talk to the Department Chair or counselor for the particular major at the UC you end up going to. The more pre-reqs you have done, the easier it is (esp. for a transfer student) so make sure you finish as much as you can at CC.</p>

<p>edelynly is right- also, at some (like UCLA) you have to complete at least 2 classes in BOTH of your majors before you can petition for double major (it's supposed to show you're serious, I guess). That may not apply to all UCs, but that's LA for ya.</p>