Transferring to UCLA as communication major?

I’ve been stressing out recently about my chances of getting into UCLA as a communications major as a transfer student. Im currently going to be sending in my application this Fall 2020 semester, I’ve obtained a 4.0 GPA along with being in the Honors Program at my CC.

I will have completed my IGETC by Spring 2021 as well.

Should I take ALL prerequisites available classes (4) that are available at my CC on, or just 3? Will that lower my competitiveness? And what is the most similar major to communications that I could apply as my alternative major?

For all that got in as a comm major, what were your stats? And what would you suggest?
Thank you for your time!

@isabella01 Communications is a very popular and highly selective major at UCLA, so you need to put your best foot forward and try to have a very competitive application.

According to the UCLA Transfer Major Prep page for Communications, “Students must complete a minimum of four major prep courses from the seven listed above by the fall term prior to admission, and all courses must be taken for a letter grade… Applications will NOT be forwarded for faculty review if the minimum four courses… are not completed by the end of the fall prior to transfer.”

Now, have you completed at least four of the major prep courses yet? If not, that should be your first priority. If you have, I would suggest taking more major prep courses, if you can, to make your application more competitive and to show the commitment to your major.

You do have a very competitive GPA, so kudos to you! You should be fine in that aspect. In regards to majors close to Communications, that is a bit hard to pinpoint since Communications is such a broad field that includes sociology, politics, linguistics, etc. Is there a specific part of Communications that you are drawn to? If you want to add an alternative major, I suggest having it be a major that is not impacted/ highly selective.

@fashionista99 Im taking 2 major preps this summer and finishing the other 2 this fall semester, which is all the prep courses my community college offers. My main goal with communications major is getting into media. I was thinking maybe linguists as an alternative major to apply as, but I don’t know if that would get me into the media jobs I would like to work in.

@isabella01 At least you are able to meet the minimum by the Fall, which is good. May I ask what your community college is? I just want to see the Assist report for Communications.

At okay I see. I think only Communications would be the best option if you are looking to enter media. I’m not too familiar with the field, but I’m a big believer that you would be able to succeed in media, regardless of your major. Plus, you might be able to change your major once you get accepted for Linguistics. Obviously, it might be harder since Communications is a highly selective major, but it is still an option to get an acceptance.

@fashionista99 The community college I attend right now is Riverside City College. I finished SOC-1 this Spring 2020, I will complete ECO-8 and PSY-1 for summer and finish it off with COMM-1, POL-1, and MATH-12 for Fall. So basically, I will have done all that I’m able to complete in terms of the major prep. Hopefully they will really consider me due to that.

@isabella01 Wow! That’s pretty impressive. If you are able to stay with that plan and keep your GPA up, you will be fine. You’ve basically done the majority of the lower-division major prep courses by the time you need to put in your TAU.

@fashionista99 yes, and another question. Is it more important to finish my major preps for the 2 majors id be applying to rather than trying to get into finishing my IGETC? I know not everyone has their IGETC done by when they apply, so since im working on 2 majors I feel as if the major requirements are more important. Is this correct? By the time I submit my app in the fall I would still need to take 3 more IGETC classes, would this make me look less competitive or is this normal?

@isabella01 Well according to the UCLA Transfer Admission Guide: Transfer Tips, it states “To be competitive for admission to UCLA, students should focus on completing the general UC transfer requirements and major preparation first” and “IGETC is only required for School of Nursing and School of Theater, Film and Television.”

So what is most important for you is to finish the UC transfer seven-course requirement and the major prep courses (or the majority of it). I do know that UCLA recommends for transfer students to complete at least one English and one Math course by fall and if you have those done, you should be fine. Just remember, you need to complete the seven-courses by the end of Spring.

It is totally normal for transfers to not fully complete IGETC by the fall semester. It doesn’t make you more competitive or less competitive by having a few IGETC courses left in the Spring. There are even applicants who don’t even have IGETC. Take me for example. I just got accepted to UCSD and UCSC during this 2020 cycle and I couldn’t even do IGETC since I’m from a CSU.

So, all in all, just focus on your major prep and the seven-course requirement.

Wait hang on, why are you focusing on two majors? Is that your major and alternative major?

@fashionista99 okay great then! and yes by two majors I mean my main major as well as my alternative. And congrats on your acceptances btw!!

@isabella01 Ah okay cool. Just making sure. Definitely try to find an alternative that has the same prereqs as your main major, so you can save time and not have to take more classes.

Aww, thank you so much! I truly wish you the best of luck for the next admission cycle and I know you’ll do great! If you need anything else, feel free to post at any time. Cheers!

Then things may have gotten even better! Your CC is part of the UCLA TAP program, which gives preference in admission. Of course you need to do all the things Comm Studies requires to be eligible for admission to that major, but TAP is supposed to give you a boost. See

You’ve been in the Honors program at your CC which is a part of taking part in TAP. See the website for more info about TAP at your CC. And you might want to check with the TAP advisor to make sure you’re going to qualify for the TAP letter in the Spring next year that UCLA requires.

Keep in mind that a major alone, outside of some areas such as engineering or nursing, does not get you a job. You’ll learn plenty about the media, sure, but a real key to landing a good job is to have internships. Get to know your profs in office hours, they may have some leads and they’ll certainly have good advice about the field. Join clubs to see what other successful students have done and are planning. And start working with the career center (workshops, talking to counselors, etc) right from the time you enroll. At a large public there are plenty of opportunities but the onus is on you to find and take advantage of them. Some students think simply getting the degree is enough, they don’t do as well as their peers that are self-starters.

Hey did you ever end up getting in?