Transferring to UCLA from U Arizona

<h2>High School Stats</h2>

+ Work/Volunteer (have worked/am working for a private, award-winning Web Development company, amongst many other of the places I've worked for)
+ International Experience (lived in all three areas of the economic spectrum, from the US - superpower, Korea - a developing nation, and Bolivia - a third world nation; helpful for essays)
+ Father works for State Department (worked a year in the American Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq; sympathy points)
+ 5 Ap's (1 Sophomore, 1 Junior, 3 Senior)</p>

- SAT 1930 (690 Math, 670 Writing, 570 Verbal)
- High School GPA (2.9 Freshman, 2.2 Sophomore, 3.6 Junior, 2.9 Senior)</p>

<p>Major: Computer Science (with possible minor in Business)</p>

<h2>School: U Arizona</h2>

<p>With my unbalanced academic records, I was wondering what I could do (if it's possible) to transfer to UCLA. I am expecting to spend at least a year in college but no more than two.</p>

<p>Assuming the best, that I do in fact get a 3.7 + college GPA, would I still pose no chance because of my poor high school record? Or would the sudden transition from poor academic performance to a high academic performance make admissions officers look twice? Do I need to retake the SAT's and take the SAT Subject Tests my freshman year in college? Do I need to go to school for at least two years instead of just one? Anyways, any advice/comments on the transfer procedures would be great because I am honestly ignorant of it, and probably of my own situation too (high school really sucked for me but I have some pretty good reasons for it).</p>

<p>I could be wrong, but I do believe that when admissions reviews applications for transfer students they don't look at any high school work including SAT scores. I would think based on that, if you do really well at U Arizona, then you'd have a good shot at being accepted.</p>

<p>Even as an out of state student, applying my freshman year?</p>

<p>um... not applying as a first year but as a transfer student into your third year. So, if you attend U Arizona for 2 years, complete the transfer requirements, and then apply to UCLA as a transfer student - they shouldn't look at any high school work.</p>

<p>UCLA only accpets Jr. level transfers and will not look at any highschool grades.</p>

<p>Are you sure? Where did you get this information?</p>

<p>It's the way UCLA has been for a long time with transfer admissions. This page has the details: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>


<p>I got this information from being a transfer myself.</p>

<p>UCLA only accepts junior transfers and your high school record will not matter.</p>

I got this information from being a transfer myself.</p>

<p>UCLA only accepts junior transfers and your high school record will not matter.



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