Transferring to UCLA or USC from UCSB

<p>Hey, I'm a sophomore now at UCSB and I was just wondering what you guys knew about getting into UCLA or USC as a transfer student</p>

<p>My undergrad gpa at UCSB alone is around a 3.3
But I also have completed a lot of community college courseswork, and my combined gpa is around a 3.55</p>

<p>Is that a competitive gpa? I want to transfer as a Accounting Major. </p>

<p>I know that UCLA does consider the joint gpa calculation but I am not too sure about USC.
Any replies would be great. Thanks</p>

<p>so your final gpa is 3.5? can u get it up to a 3.6 or 3.7 ? well it wouldn't matter. I think that schools like UCLA give preference to residents in the state of California, so that might be a leg up for you. i think your gpa is good, not great, but good. You might want to get kick ass letters of recc's and write good essays....then i think you should be set.</p>

<p>please chance me!
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<p>the UCs don't take into consideration letters of recommendation unless you're doing an appeal. UCLA does NOT offer accounting, the closest thing is biz-econ which is econ with some accounting courses added on. It is VERY competitive to get into(3.8-3.9ish GPA on average)</p>

<p>for your essay, tie in how your extra-curriculars tie into your major. That's about it, otherwise check the UC forum.</p>

<p>post this is the UC transfer subsection as well</p>

<p>you know ucsb's accounting program is one of the best in cali? most people i knew who graduated from their in that program went to work for one of the big 4.</p>