Transferring to UF with AA but failed prerequisite in Community College

I got accepted as a transfer student to UF in Fall 2022 and into the Biochemistry major with the condition that I get my AA prior to enrollment. The thing is, the Biochemistry major also requires for me to get a B or higher in Calc II to get accepted, and I am about to get a C or D in Calc II at my community college. My community college offers grade forgiveness but I don’t know if my chances for going to UF now are ruined as I’m pretty sure both attempts will show up on my transcript and will be factored in my UF gpa. I have to let my professor know by Monday or Tuesday whether or not to keep my grade as D or round it to a C since at my community college, they won’t let you retake a course you got better than a C. Summer term is about to start for me to finish my AA at my community college and I am looking to retake Calc II, but now I am wondering what’s the point if both grades are just going to be calculated and my chances to UF and medical school are ruined? I could always go to UCF where they offer grade forgiveness but it feels like my pride has been soiled and if I go to medical school at UF, the D would just appear again because of their same policy and I’ll no longer have a future.

The only thing you can do is to email the transfer appeals committee in CLAS and let them know what happened and they can let you know what is possible. If Not Admitted – Academic Advising Center