Transferring to UMASS Amherst, Dorm?

<p>I will be transferring to UMass AMherst in the fall 2013, and I wanted to find out the best place for transfer students to live. I have hear Sylvan gets a lot of tranfers but I don't know if i would want to live there. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>I currently go to UMASS. If you’re very social, try as hard as possible to not live in Sylvan. It is farthest away from EVERYTHING. Southwest is where most business students live as well as athletes. It has the biggest social scene. Central is more chill but probably the second more social. Orchard Hill is kinda…weird. and Northeast is mostly foreign students and engineers.
I live in Southwest and absolutely love it. You meet people so easily and everyone is so friendly. I have not heard the same about all of the other living areas. Plus we have the best dining hall on campus, too :)</p>

<p>Hope this helped!</p>

<p>Hey! I’m transferring to UMass this fall as well. In the admission package it says that housing is guaranteed for all transfers. Looking online though reveals that this housing is in the Sylvan residential area; however, I really don’t want to live there, so I hope I could possibly get placed somewhere else…</p>