Transferring to UMD, do i have a chance?

<p>So im currently done with my second year of college. i have 60+ credits
I was a pre pharmacy major, but now im planning on changing my major to chemical or civil eingeneering and since my school doesnt have that here, im planning to apply to UMD since its a good school and iam really interested in it. i am an african american male, 19 year of age and instate resident. and im planning to transfer for the next spring semester</p>

<p>My currently GPA is a 3.566, i have recieved two C's in physics and trig :(
and i dont know if that gpa is good enough to transfer in because i really want to transfer.</p>

<p>i have good LORS and EC activities.</p>

<p>what do you think???</p>

<p>I had slightly worse stats than you and I got in, so I would bet you would get in.</p>