Transferring to UMD fall 2021

Hello. I saw that there was a thread made last year for this so I wanted to start it again.
After visiting UMD junior year of high school, I knew that it was the school that I wanted to go to. It fit all my criteria: close to home, large school, really good stem program and I had a lot of good friends going there. However I got denied for freshman year.
I am currently a student at UMBC trying to transfer for the fall semester. I thought i would like it here but as of right now it has not been a good experience. So far I have 16 Credits and if I keep my grades the way they are I should have a 3.75 GPA. However that could drop to a 3.37 depending on how computer science goes. Right now I’m taking computer science, English gen ed and three other gen ed classes and all of them are transferable to UMD. Next semester I’m planning on taking Japanese, calculus, greek mythology and a filler class so I have 30 Credits in total.
When I apply to UMD in February, I am going to be applying to the letters and sciences because I am still on the fence about what I want to learn, so do you think my chances of getting into UMD are good?

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I think you have a good chance of getting into UMD. I’m currently trying to transfer too.

I think your chances are good :slight_smile: