Transferring to Umich Ann Arbor Issue?

<p>I applied to UMich at the end of HS but was deferred, waitlisted, rejected. I'm now interested in applying from out of state after spending 1 year at another college. However, I have two really big problems:</p>

<p>1) They don't like out of state applicants
2) They prefer students with 55 credits or more</p>

<p>Since I'll be going to a quarter system college, I believe I'll be able to accumulate 55 or more credits by the end of 3 quarters but Umich's deadline to apply for the fall quarter is Feb :( This and they have rolling admission meaning that any application around then is pretty much useless. Can anybody help me find a way around this?</p>

<p>Try Winter 2014?
I also heard out of state applicants for transfers doesn't really make a whole lot of difference.</p>