Transferring to University of Arkansas as aspects??

<p>So I am going to community college right now but next Fall I will be transferring and I am interested in the University of Arkansas. Is it hard to make new friends sophomore year since everyone already has groups of friends established? I will be staying in the dorms. Did you end up making close friends in your dorms or did people keep to themselves? Also, are there a lot of parties and drinking? I do enjoy parties so if you have experience at the University of Arkansas, I would appreciate your help.


<p>I was at the University of Arkansas this past weekend. There is a lot of partying. Game days get pretty wild, and Dickinson street has a lot of bars. You shouldn’t have a problem making friends. If your worried about meeting new people, look into joining a fraternity or sorority if that’s your thing. Good luck</p>

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<p>Thanks. sounds like fun!</p>