Transferring to USC?

<p>I'm a Poli Sci major at ASU with a 3.69 GPA. by the end of the year I hope to have it above a 3.7. I'm also The student body vice president at one of the campuses, I'm the student chair of a current presidential campaign for the state of AZ, a CA resident, my freshmen year I interned for a memeber of congress in DC, the year before I interned for a California state assemblyman, I'm in the Coast Guard University program and I've volunteered on many political campaigns. I'll have reccomendations from Federal, state and local elected officials as well as others. I'm applying for my Jr. year and will have 60 credits by the end of my sophmore year. I feel that all of this will make me competitve, the big problem is that the first semester of my freshmen year I requested to drop my math class early on, thinking it went through but a mistake was made and it was never dropped. Long story short I never went (again thinking I wasn't in it) giving me an E grad (F). I did however re-take the course the following semester and got an A+ (99%). I know USC doesn't accept students being able to remediate courses but is it possible they can make an exception? If not is it even worth applying now?</p>


<p>Just explain to them your situation. What other grades do you have on your transcript? At ASU, you may have a 3.69, but USC will calculate that math course as an F and once again an A. Just tell them a mistake occurred. But your GPA will probably be a 3.4 or so considering if the F is a USC Transferable course.</p>

<p>Still, apply though!
Major is business I'm assuming.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>No, my major is poli sci. So i figure it wil be a little easier to get into. I've heard that schools could care less about an induviduals personal story or problem if you explain it (because of course everyone has an excuse). Do you think they'd actually take that story into account?</p>

<p>Well it won't hurt to try. USC is very understanding compared to UC's and other private schools. Counselors are really nice.</p>