Transferring to UVa

<p>I want to get in to UVa for the spring '06 semester as a transfer student. This current semester is my first as a college student, and I am taking 15 credits this summer, and at least 16 in the fall (probably 19-20, though). What should I do to improve my chances? I have all As at my JC and tons of extra curriculars in high school (although I graduated high school a few years ago, so those extra curriculars may not matter).</p>

<p>This summer I am doing a history internship as well as a government one, too. I am trying to find volunteer work with programs like Habitat for Humanity (yes, it looks good on apps, but it's also something I've always been interested in doing).</p>

<p>What can I do now other than what I've listed to make myself a prime candidate for spring '06 admission? Thanks.</p>

<p>good luck they let in less that 50 last year for spring transfer!!! Might want to wait till fall.</p>