Transferring to wharton!? CHANCES/ADVICE

<p>Is external transferring difficult if:
1. you're coming from a top 5 school (in my case the University of Chicago)
2. you're an economics major
3. you have a 3.85+ GPA
4. good high school record / sat scores / 10 AP classes<br>
5. REALLY good extracurriculars like national/state executive board positions, many positions in school, etc etc</p>

<p>or should i just apply as a CAS transfer? (which would be significantly easier?)</p>


<p>What year are you? I am also trying to transfer to Wharton.</p>

<p>About 300 people get admitted via transfers of over 3000 applicants. But coming from a great school known for grade deflation and rigor, along with a high GPA give you a great chance no doubt.</p>