Transferring w low gpa after freshman year

I’m currently at Jmu and got a low gpa my first semester due to me not liking the school at all and having a rough time. I want to transfer to vcu but worried my 2.2 gpa first semester will affect me. I know I can get my gpa up but how will low gpa affect me?

You should contact an Admission officer at VCU to discuss your situation. Meanwhile, maybe you should just attend community college this semester as well as this summer to help boost your grades.

I’m not sure what you don’t like about JMU, but make sure you don’t jump from one unhappy situation to another. Do your research before making a decision to transfer to another four-year college. You want it to be the right fit. As you have learned from your situation, what may appear to be a great fit doesn’t always work out that way.

Good luck!