Transferring while "Not in Good Standing"?

Hi guys,

So I finally get my associates degree since I finished college over the summer. I have good grades and am really proud of myself academically. My GPA is fine as well. I have a 3.0. (Not the best but not the worst. I started so low when I messed up year 2 at my community college).

I ended up in a situation two years ago that really has me worried to apply for college. Two years ago, my friend got into an argument with a teacher. I happened to be standing with her but did not participate in the argument. The teacher reported my friend to the office and said she “feared for her life” despite it being completely verbal and no threats. The Dean gave me and my friend a one day suspension from class. I was really upset because she said it stays on your record for four years. Even though I didn’t do anything, she still got me in trouble because I was there. I didn’t want to take it to the board because it was just such a hassle. I just cried and took the suspension.

Now, it’s application time and I’m so worried they will not accept me if they see that report. I have an otherwise spotless record, lots of community activities, tons of recommendation letters. But I’m so worried once they see that, they will find me problematic. Especially since I’m going for a competitive Business Major. Should I be okay or should I throw my chances of University out of the window? The application fees are so expensive and I don’t have a lot as it is so I want to make sure I allocate my funds to the right places.

Thank you in advanced!

That’s it? Seriously, that’s nothing to worry about. Even if the admissions people were that petty, they get so many applications, they’d most likely miss it on your transcript anyway. I would just apply as if it doesn’t exist, and just move on.

agree, its probably no big deal. You’d probably sleep better if you heard that directly from someone in the admissions dept for your target school.

I’d make an appointment with them and go over your concerns. In the unlikely event they have a problem, you’ll have time to address it before its urgent.

Thank you guys for your advice!