Transferring with a D to CSU

I have already done the golden 4 requirements required to transfer. The first time I attempted College Algebra was when I got a D. I took another math course, Business Calc, later on, and I received a C. If I exclude College Algebra, the total amount of units accomplished is 58. Can that D still be counted to surpass the 60 units threshold? The course is worth 4 units. Therefore, if the algebra course is deemed as eligible, then I wouldn’t have to worry about taking another class to achieve 60+ units.

you should contact CSU admissions for a definitive answer. From what I see it may be possible but since I don’t work in CSU admissions I could be wrong. They say

So if you've taken the 10 GE classes with a grade of C- or better that add up to 30 semester units, one way of reading this is that if your overall GPA is 2.00 or better you are eligible.

At one CCC website they say

Best to check with the CSU you are considering…