transferring WITHIN bu

<p>how hard/easy is transferring BETWEEN schools at bu? </p>

<p>i plan to major in geography
but might change to international relations.</p>

<p>if both of those are in CAS, you don't need to transfer schools...</p>

<p>I do think those are both in CAS, and changing your major is extremely easy. You just go to the records office and fill out a form.</p>

<p>Transferring between colleges isn't too difficult either, unless someone was planning to transfer into ENG. That might be a little harder.</p>

<p>i see. thank you!
actually i have an array of majors to choose from if i don't think geography is for me, for example some in in the school of communications</p>

<p>Transferring from CAS to COM should be no issue at all.</p>

<p>how about from ENG to CAS?</p>

<p>also pretty easy, but not if you do it super late. I think the gen ed requirements for those 2 schools are kind of different</p>

<p>What about switching to CFA or double majoring?</p>

<p>Switching to CFA is a little more difficult because it's such a conservatory setting within a larger public university. You'll probably have covered your core curriculum requirements (known as the liberal arts requirement in CFA). However, you'll still have to audition.</p>