<p>What schools typically take transfer students? I know all the schools take very few, but some schools like UCLA are known to sometimes take no students at all. Which schools should a hopeful BFA MT transfer student be looking at?</p>

<p>There has been a lot of discussion here about this topic if you search thru posts in the MT forum. In a nutshell, while many schools take transfers, many of the BFA programs will require you to start over as a freshman as they take their students thru the program as a group. Some may let you transfer a few units and possibly start higher up but you have to look at schools individually. UCLA actually does take very few transfers; some years maybe 2 or 3, and some years none. My D applied to a number of schools as a transfer for the 2010 school year, and was actually accepted to UCLA as a junior; we believe she was the only transfer accepted that year. She opted for PSU instead, where she did have to go in as a sophomore. She was also accepted to most of the other programs she applied to, however it was unclear at what level she would have been accepted- freshman or sophomore probably. Unfortunately, most of the programs can not guarantee at what level you will have to start until after you have accepted their offer, and they do a unit analysis to see where they will place you. It does make it difficult to make that final decision. Some will tell you flat out that you must start over as a freshman. It is best to try to contact each school to see what their process for transfers is. You might have a little better luck with BA programs- for instance at UCLA, if you have satisfied the transfer requirements you may be accepted after an audition as a junior, as my D was. It will most likely set you back a bit to transfer, so you need to look at your current program and decide if it is worth it. Good luck!</p>

<p>Transferring for my d as a junior from vocal perf. to a BFA in MT will cost us an additional 70,000 for her undergrad degree. She has an extra year to pay for and she gave up very generous talent scholarships. In addition the school she transferrred to is a long way away and requires flying rather than driving, so add in several airline tickets, parking and taxi bills. I'm not saying that you shouldn't transfer, just that you should know the costs.</p>