<p>I'm a freshman mechanical engineering major at an out-of-state school looking to attend U-Mich in fall 2013 (beginning of my sophomore year) to study aerospace engineering (AE) and I had a few questions that maybe you guys could help me out with.</p>

<p>1) Looking at the pre-requisites for an engineering transfer (Admission</a> Requirements | Michigan Engineering), I noticed that I will have satisfied all but 1 requirement. The one I'm missing is computing. Although I took AP Computer Science in high school, I didn't do so good on the AP Exam (got a B in the class though) and JAVA is unacceptable for AE anyways. My question is how much will it matter that I haven't satisfied that one and only requirement? Should I not really worry about it or should I try to take a class next semester. I'd rather not since my schedule is full. Plus, it seems like all spots for that class are taken up right now.</p>

<p>2) If I do get accepted, I will be coming to U-Mich with about 70-80 credits. Out of those, about 30ish don't really apply for my intended major (mainly gotten from APs). Since I know I can transfer in a max of about 60 credits, am I allowed to pick and choose what credits I want to transfer in or does the university do that for me? In either case, I would want all my recent engineering credits to transfer rather than any biology or such credits I have earned from AP exams</p>

<p>Thanks for your help!</p>

<p>question 1 i would follow up with engineering department For question 2 they will transfer all of your credits but only 60 will be applied to your degree so they will all be on your transcript but after 60 they won’t count just be listed</p>