I recently changed my major to Kinesiology. Right now I am in cc planning to transfer out to LMU. I talked to my counselor about transferring to this school and all she told me was I would just have to see if LMU would let me transfer in with that major. Does anyone know if I can transfer to LMU majoring in Kinesiology? I also am confused about the colleges accepting your major. Do you have to transfer into the college with the same major? For example, if I majored in kinesiology would there also have to be a kinesiology major at LMU for me to get in? Lets say there isn’t a kinesiology major/department at lmu, can I transfer in still and just state that I want to change my major to one similar that they provide? Please let me know. Thanks!

You do not have to have the same major at the new college as you had at the old college. However (whether or not you have the same major), your old college course work needs to be accepted by the new college for subject credit for the lower level courses in your major if you want to be able to complete your major at the new college in a reasonable time to graduation. If your old college course work is not accepted for the needed subject credit, you may have to “catch up”, delaying graduation.

I agree with @ucbalumnus. Your major should not be an issue. The issues will be (i) getting accepted, and (ii) seeing to what extent the classes that you have already taken will result in credit after you transfer. Generally this means your getting credit for classes that are equivalent to ones that you have taken.

If your grades are good, and if they have a similar major at the school that you are transferring to, then I would not expect any problem even if the name of the major or even some details of requirements are a bit different.

If you are at a community college then they should have experts who are very familiar with the transfer process and who can help you. Your guidance counselor or academic advisor or a transfer advisor at the CC should be quite knowledgeable in this area.